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it feels rather lonely in the abyss.

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                    Still a frown on his features, but he gives a little hug back, regardless of his lost stuffing


That’s no good!
   She wants to see a smile on his face!
          Perhaps sadistically holding a needle and thread should cheer him up! The little girl’s no art at knitting, but it’s worth a try ~

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Just for today.. the doll   FROWNS.
                                                                         It’s kind of LONELY…

            —**     hugs tightly until the cotton starts oozing from the seams    **—

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         —**puts flowers in your hair before vanishing**—
                 though wither and die, they do best for your mentality, no?

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▓ ♣ And I don’t have an overwhelming greed for roses. she laughs, not bothering to remain with the jig anymore, because the girl knows.

And she’s definitely not hiding that fact either.

Fingers tap upon her thigh and her jaw stiffens; similar crimson eyes fall upon the girl’s form, sparking with distaste as they see her protective stance. Did the girl really think she was going to chase her? Preposterous. She was much more civilized, it was insulting to still be thought of as that creature who crawled in the gallery.

You can stop being so defensive. Lighten up. It’s not as if I’m going to chase you… 


}}—❀—{{ She tries her best to do as what the woman says. Relaxing shoulders and loosening the nervous quirk that rattles her knees and binds them together. With wide, ruby red eyes she blinks until small pools of water gather at the tips of her tear ducts.

Quiet and still, Ib straightens up her posture. Despite being nine Ib is very good at reading the expressions of others. Her uneasiness does not completely disappear. She feels that she might have upset or angered the woman dressed in fine red clothes. Of course for that, Ib feels an apology to be made….

                                    …if only she had the courage to speak whenever she wished to!

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     Oh great, he’s praying to the heavens that he didn’t make this girl pout to the verge of tears. Ack! he didn’t have tissues on him! The only thing he carried in his pocket was his revolver and that simply wouldn’t do for wiping a little girl’s tears than it probably scaring her dry from tears. At loss of what to do, Alice smiled and kept his lips pursed, speaking soothingly to the best of his capability.

     ”Hey, it’s alright, I wasn’t yelling at you, uh-haha~~”


}}—❀—{{ She is unimpressed with what bothersome mannerism is presented before a mere child like her. Brought up with stern, sophisticated parents Ib had unintentionally inhabited a perspective of highly intellectual adults with controlled emotions and great self esteem. Not a babbling young man with an anger to bite.

                 Clearly the female is cross with the young male,
                 and her darkened atmosphere shows portrait proof.

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   Nero follows Ib over towards the painting of the white snake, taking her silence as an indication that the girl does not know, yet is shy to admit so. As they walk, Nero keeps glancing around, looking for any indication of a threat. As Ib had warned her, the paintings and sculptures require caution around as well, but the moving ones right now seemed innocuous, if a bit odd.

   Standing in front of the painting, Nero notices the discrepancy between the name Red Eye and the snake’s lack of an eye. If it were a sculpture, then it may have just fallen off, but paint likely wouldn’t come off so easily. Perhaps someone could have painted over it, but there wouldn’t be a small hole in the eye if it was like that. She looks around in a half-hearted attempt to see if the eye had fallen off somehow, but their surroundings shows no evidence of that.


   She turns to Ib to try asking for any further information, though whether the girl would speak this time or not was a different matter, to find Ib sticking her hand into the eye, apparently somewhat deeply. Perhaps something was hidden inside? She would try herself, as her hands weren’t large by any means, but they were still larger than Ib’s, and she doubted that she could pull a ball out without crushing it if she tried grabbing it herself. 

                         In fearful anticipation she continues to dig deeper, crawling fingers through a narrow, cold tunnel until she cannot reach in any further inside. And a bit disappointed for an anti-climactic search, she pulls her fist right out empty handed. Delicately blinking she stares perplexed at the palm of her hand as she vacantly opens and closes her fist in a meditative pattern.

                         Should the woman try her luck and reach inside of the hole herself, she may be able to find something inside. However it is unfortunate to understand that perhaps there may be nothing in store. Knowing this, Ib would agree that it would be reasonable to find the item somewhere else and replenish the missing red eye from its socket.


                        She sidesteps a little from the painting, caught in a glance of a child’s curiosity. There is a tree sculpture standing stiffly to the corner of the room. Come to think of it, Ib has seen this particular sculpture somewhere, before. If she is correct, there should be an apple hanging by a nearby branch.

                       How fortunate— Ib is correct! Ah…however the nine year old does not see a mouth full of lies plastered against the wall, whispering to whoever passes by how hungry it is.

                      As Nero may try her luck with the portrait of a blind snake, Ib will wander towards the tree to get a better look at the shining red apple that catches her crimson eyes’ attention.

Maybe…just maybe..the two of them might make some use with that apple inside of the tree. And hopeful, an inaudible gasp reaches her lips, a starry smile delicately placed over her face. She wishes for her companion to approach her right away.
                              The trees have grown much taller since the last she met them.

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 Oh, who?
   who     who      who      who
           who            who         who?
                                     who?           who?      who?

The owl is quite noisy, tonight.
Wouldn't you agree, my dear?

                     Simply she nods while listening to silent air.
                     It whispers to the young girl like a wind that howls softly,
                     perched light on her left shoulder.


         Who are you?

                    She gazes soft crimson upon a vision of an old, rusty blue.
                    The memory is slowly coming back to her,
                    but she has yet to find all of the forgotten pieces left behind.